Thursday, September 18, 2008

RTW map


Jeremy geeked out and coded a map of our around-the-world trip route. Click here to check it out:

For those who don't really care for a visual, here's the route:

New Zealand > Australia > Bangkok (plus Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam) > Taiwan > Japan > China > Dubai > Jordan > Turkey > Greece > Eastern Europe > Russia > Madrid > Ireland > Madrid > Morroco > Tunisia > Madrid > Galapagos > Buenos Aires

We are < this > close to buying our tickets. We're working on getting the necessary visas and, we're really going to do this, people!

P.S. We've pushed our leave date back to November 15 (or thereabouts) to allow some breathing room. The time is sneaking up on us!
P.P.S. Photo above taken on the bus trip from Mexico City to Oaxaca.