Monday, August 6, 2007



Yay! I made it home! Four of us in the class booked the same flight back from Oaxaca and we had to SPRINT to catch our connecting flight in the biggest airport in the world (Mexico City). Luckily, the flight was delayed, but even still, we barely made it. There was no way I was going to spend the night in DF! The bad news is that they lost my bags and my computer is messed up, but I sure am happy to have spent the night in my own bed. :) Here are a couple of other things I am really grateful for (in no particular order):

- Brushing my teeth with water that comes out of the sink.
- Throwing toilet paper in the toilet.
- Actually understanding (fully) what people are saying to me, rather than having to figure out what they mean from the 3 words I understand in the sentence.
- Seeing my man.
- Seeing my kitties.

I'll be posting this week to update you all on the last week of activities in Oaxaca, so stay tuned. It was an amazing, difficult, beautiful, challenging experience and even though I was probably crazy to do it so soon to our wedding, I am a better person for it. :)

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