Friday, August 8, 2008


Not sure why but I just haven't been feeling like posting to the blog lately...writing feels a little overwhelming right now, I guess. But I know a lot of the family stays current on our doings by reading this blog, so I figured I could just let our recent photos do the talking:

Melbabe Wedding: Lots of fun pictures here...the wedding was in Cambria and there was a dress-up booth at the reception! Plus, the girls did a dance for the newly nup'ed couple:

Lucy's 30th Birthday: 80s Party!!!

lucy's 30th

lucy's 30th

Lola's 5th Bday (my boss Cinthia's dog): We put a hat on her, she chooses a new toy, and gets to eat cheesecake (her favorite)

lola's 5th birthday

Met Millie and Jeff's new baby Anya:

millie & jeff's house

Watching Baker (my co-worker Amelie's baby boy) grow up:


these things are weird

Went to opening night of the SF Shorts Festival (BTW, if you're in SF, check it out! Some great little films. If you're not, just click here. This short about procrastination is awesome!

sf shorts festival

And, a lazy Saturday at the beach:



We're off to Portland this weekend...hopefully I will be feeling a little more loquacious after that trip!

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