Wednesday, July 11, 2007

T minus 2.5 and counting

We're about 2.5 hours before lift-off here folks, and I'm desperately trying to tie up all the loose ends before I leave. Also feeling pretty guilty about leaving my man and my kitties to fend for themselves. Some peeps have already invited him over for a meal and some THANK YOU to all those who have, and if you haven't, for the love of god, please feed him. ;)

So, we were emailed a reader, oh, about two months ago and of course I don't even open the thing until yesterday. For those of you wondering, the stated goal of the Oaxaca Summer Studio is:

Our class will be an exploration of the possible ways that art and design can serve as tools for cultural and social engagement while generating tangible benefits for those we engage with and providing the artist with new experiences and creative opportunities.

Woohoo, party on, Wayne! Apparently we get paired up with a local artisan in Oaxaca and work together to create...something? The instructor, Raul Cabra, was pretty vague about that. However, he was not vague about the fact that it was more of less guaranteed that we would get food poisoning. Party on, Garth. As such, I talked to Randy (J's Dad--it's nice to have a doc in the family!) this weekend, who prescribed me some Cipro and recommended something called Florastor, which is a probiotic. It's supposed to help develop the good bugs in your body, who will wage war against the bad bugs. Let's hope it helps! If not, I've got a whole load of OTCs to help me out...Immodium, Pepto, Tums, etc. I told Jeremy last night that I can truly call myself a Hermann now since I am traveling with an entire pharmacy in my suitcase.

Yeah, and we also got Skype set up so that J and I can call each other while I'm down south. So holla at me if you're on it...or if not, I'll have email access too. I'll be in Mexico City for the next few days...I'll definitely post pics and more musings when I get there. See you on the other side!

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