Monday, March 10, 2008

Queen SHRED!

We spent this weekend in Sun Valley, Idaho, visiting with Jeremy's parents, Laurie and Randy, and their two adorable pups, Aki and Mia. As is typical in the Hermann household, "visiting" means spending all daylight hours outdoors doing some sort of physical activity, and evenings at home lounging with the puppies, eating yummy dinners, and watching movies or reading.

We flew in on Friday and immediately got down to the business of getting our gear (this is another Hermann activity...the acquiring of gear) and headed out for some cross-country skiing:


The next day we went up to Mount Baldy for some downhill skiing. The Hermanns were very sweet and got me a private lesson with an instructor, who worked some serious miracles. Some may know that I have been scarred in the past with bad, bad skiing experiences so he had some physical as well as psychological issues to contend with. At the end of my lesson, though, I felt (for the first time ever on skis) fairly competent. Here's the view from on the ride up. Pretty stunning:


Randy bought me this stylin' jacket as a bday present...maybe he figured that if he can help me make a proper outfit, this skiing thing might just stick in my repertoire. Does he know me or does he know me, people?


Saturday was our "rest" day, meaning we we were ONLY going to go snowshoeing. It was a beautiful day and we actually got quite a workout while we were "resting."




The next day we were back up on Mount Baldy, and I am please to say that I was SHREDDING it! OK, maybe not by most peoples' standards, but definitely by mine! I declared to Randy and Jeremy, "Skiing is fun now!" I think they were pretty happy to hear that. :)

We ended the trip with me taking a walk to shoot some photos while Jeremy, Randy, Aki and Mia went for another cross-country ski. What a beautiful place with beautiful people (and dogs). We love you, Randy, Laurie, Aki, and Mia! Thank you for sharing this time with us!



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eddo said...

i like how the beanie you are wearing in the last photo of this entry is the exact same beanie jeremy is wearing in the first photo of the previous entry.

also, reading this blog is the most exercise i've had in a month! phew!

6ix Feet High said...

i stole the beanie from jeremy because it matched my outfit. a girl has to coordinate.