Friday, March 14, 2008

Date Night

One of J and I's Chinese New Year's resolutions (We were a little late getting started on the resolutions and just decided we would make them CHINESE new year's resolutions so we wouldn't feel so bad being slackers. See, it pays to be Chinese!!!) was to reinstate date night. And we've been pretty good at keeping this resolution! However, after an inspiring conversation with K, we decided that we needed to come up with some dates that didn't revolve entirely around eating and drinking.

A couple of weeks ago, we caught the Olafur Eliasson show at the SFMOMA. WOW! I was very impressed...his work seemed to me all about making us more aware of our environment; in specific, those elements that you don't really pay that much attention to, like the nature of light in a room, or the way the air moves around a space. Our favorite was this piece:

The room was a seamless circle that seemed to glow from the walls, and the color would transition ever so slightly every few minutes. When we walked in, the room was bright white and everyone was chattering away. About two minutes late, the light completely dimmed and all of a sudden everyone became completely quiet. Now that's a successful piece! I love how interactive the show was and I was happy to see the MOMA move towards the contemporary.

A week later, we went and saw the Magnetic Fields (as I mentioned in a previous post), which was a super fun show.

Date night this week involved the opening night the SF International Asian American Film Festival. This was extra fun for me because the Center for Asian American Media is one of Noon's clients and we did all the design for the event, from the trailer to the catalog to the t-shirts to the website. I really like the festival campaign this year, it is very different from Noon's typical super-clean, super-refined look and everyone worked together to make it gel. The concept was "conversations," and Leah did all original illustrations for the campaign. One of the characters is based on me (with long hair)! Here I am holding up the 108-page catalog I designed, the character based on me is the gal with the striped tunic on in the upper right hand corner of the catalog cover:


I also designed the t-shirts and badges, shown on some volunteers here:


The film was "A Thousand years of Good Prayers" by Wayne Wang (director of The Joy Luck Club), and it was a sweet little film about an estranged father and daughter. Wayne was at the opening night gala:

Wayne Wang

As was henry O, who acted in the film. Here is Do Young getting his autograph. So cute!

Henry O

Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu was also there, though I don't know who he is. Tomo was quite excited to see him in person, though!

daniel wu

Next week date night just involves dinner plans, but we deserve it! :)


eddo said...

I saw that exhibit at the Momaa month of so ago... super trippy, we would all go up super close to the wall so you were just surrounded by this white light and couldn't see anything out of your peripheral vision, it was like you were enveloped in a soup of color.

6ix Feet High said...

i totally had the same experience! unfortch, jeremy was in front of one of the seams in the wall so he wasn't able to get as lost in it...