Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Many of you have heard that SF got hit by an enormous storm last week that knocked power out all over the city, uprooted trees, and generally caused mayhem and disaster. The morning of the storm, a bicycle messenger stopped by the office and said that he had to pedal downhill due to the crazy winds (I think they clocked at 50+ mph)?

Jeremy, surfer that he is, was checking the surf report on Saturday AM when he got wind (he he) of the fact that the ocean was going nuts! So we drove down to the beach to check it out. Well, technically, I should just call it the "ocean" because there was no beach to speak of! The waves were going right up to the retaining wall! If you've ever been to Ocean Beach, you know that's a big beach! I am not sure if the pictures are going to do it justice, but the waves were very violent and big...

You can see a little guy on the right side, who was walking his dog (dumb!!!):


Seconds later he had to jump up the hill to avoid the waves...and I was worried that his little dog was going to get swept away (again, WTF was he doing on the beach?!?):



And this one, just cuz I like the photo:


FYI, all photos taken with our fancy new lens, which rocks!

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