Friday, January 4, 2008

The Stats

Happy new year everyone!!! Sorry I've been a little late on the posts...I have a bunk version of Flickr uploader and had some problems uploading all our photos from the holiday season.

J and I headed down to SoCal this Xmas (as we do every year) to visit with family and friends. We decided on a more circuitous return route in order to break up the drive. We were away from home a total of 7 days and here are the stats:

- 4 cities
- 5 different beds
- 10 dogs
- 3 hikes
- 33 family members
- 6 friends
- at least 5 super delicious dinners

We started off our trip on the Saturday before Xmas, when it took us 12 hours to get down to SD. Y.U.C.K. From there it was a whirlwind of cooking, family, friends, and eating. Here's me and my momma in front of the flowers Laurie sent her:


On Xmas day, it was off to Jeremy's grandparents' beautiful house on the beach in San Clemente, where we finally got to see the puppies again!!! It's been a while and they are really growing up. I took a walk on the beach with Laurie and Grandpa Bob (amazing man...he is 91, I think?) while Jeremy, cousin Frisco, and Randy went for a surf. I almost forgot it was Xmas day...the weather was so gorgeous:




From there we were on to visit with Robert and Lucy in Montecito. Robert had been talking about an amazing seafood restaurant in Santa Barbara called The Hungry Cat. It was gooooooood! We also got to take a little hike in the hills behind Robert's house:



The next day, we were off to Jeremy's Uncle Stan and Aunt Sally's house, where they had hosted 18 people and 7 dogs for dinner the night before! Needless to say, the dogs were in heaven.

That night, we drove to Solvang, where Jeremy's sister Amy lives with her partner Gerry and their two cats (Gustavo and Maizey) and chihuahua Mocha. It was funny seeing the tiny little dog try to figure out whether or not big ol' Aki and Mia (Randy and Laurie's dogs) were a threat. I don't think all 3 dogs ever got off leash in the same room, but given time I am sure they will be the best of friends. :)

The next day, before we took off for home, we took a nice hike in the Santa Barbara hills near Midland (where Jeremy grew up until he was about 8). There were some big, beautiful oak trees on that hike...


Here's the entire Flickr set from our trip here

Getting married this year made us realize just how lucky we are to have such amazing friends and family. While it was tiring to be traveling to so many places in such a short amount of time this Xmas, we really felt lucky to have so many treasured people (and dogs!) to spend time with over the holiday.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We love you. XOX

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